Pinnacle & Betfair on one platform

Pinnacle Sports, Betfair and Evolution Casino on the same platform!

PIWI247 – The same odds as Pinnacle

PIWI247 allows in one click to switch to the Pinnacle market with the same interface. You therefore have access to the market strictly identical to that of Pinnacle Sports. This includes the live, pre-match and long-term market with the same odds and advantages of the Pinnacle market.

Champions league 1 2021 group odds comparison.

Long-term market identical to Pinnacle

PIWI is powered by Betfair!

The platform therefore benefits from liquidity on the Betfair exchange.

Why will you very often have better odds on Piwi?
Thanks to the Piwi exchange, you will be able to bet odds above the average and even very often above PS3838. For what ?
Simply because if there is enough cash at a higher odds your bet will be executed. In the example below, the cash for Lille’s win @4.3 is $236.
That is to say that you can bet up to $236 on this odd which is much higher than that of ps3838 which is @4.03 without any possibility of betting any other odds than that indicated by the bookmaker.
While with Piwi you will be able to take odds based on the liquidity displayed.
But you will even be able to bet on odds not offered…
Lille @3,85 on Betclic
Lille @4,30 on Piwi
Lille @4,03 on PS3838

PIWI247 – Switch in one click from one platform to another

The three platforms are all united in one PIWI247 platform and you can switch from Pinnacle to Betfair with just one click. You have one wallet per used bookmaker.

PIWI247 – Terms of use

  • Commission on winning bets lowest on the market: 2.5% (compared to 5% on Betfair and 3% on OrbitX)
  • Minimum deposit: €10
  • Minimum bet (Pinnacle Sports): €3
  • PIWI 247 (Betting Exchange): €4 Casinon (roulette): €0.10
  • No limitation for winning players

PIWI247 – Registration procedure (FREE)

To bet on PIWI247 you must open an account with Asianconnect and choose PIWI247 from the bookmakers offere. 
You will not pay more to choose the other bookmakers.

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