Bet on the best odds with Asianconnect.

The impeccable broker for professional bettors!

Asianconnect enables you to bet on Pinnacle!
Pinnacle is considered by many to be the best bookmaker in the world. Asianconnect is a broker, which means it acts as an intermediary that opens an account for you with the bookmaker of your choice. Therefore, you are not in direct contact with the bookmaker, but with Asianconnect. Find the detailed procedure below.

About Pinnacle (the bookmaker):

Bookmaker for professionals
Higher odds than the market average
Large liquidity
Perfect for bankrolls over €1000
Bookmaker for long-term investment
Impeccable reliability

About Asianconnect (the broker):

Asianconnect enables betting on Ps3838
Ps3838 is equivalent to Pinnacle
Free and secure deposits/withdrawals via Skrill or Neteller

Highly responsive customer service
Possibility to bet on high odds
Quick and free withdrawal of winnings

Doubler votre rendement sur une saison de pronostics.

Comparison of odds on the 2021 Champions League group stage.

Most of the favored teams have odds that are 5-10% higher on PS3838, and this can go up to 20% for the underdogs. This difference will strongly impact your return on dozens of bets.


Step 1 – Register at Asianconnect (FREE)

Asianconnect is a broker, i.e. an intermediary who opens an account for you with the bookmaker of your choice. Here is the list of bookmakers offered by Asianconnect :

  • PIWI247 (our guide to PIWI247)
  • PS3838 (aka Pinnacle)

PS3838 allows you to bet on Pinnacle, it is one of the most popular bookmakers in the world. It offers the highest odds in the market and without limiting players. If you want to bet on Pinnacle then Asianconnect is the ultimate solution. It is undoubtedly the most reliable bookmaker on the web, many punters have been using it for more than 7 years without any problems with withdrawals or deposits.

if you have problems connecting to the page, use a VPN locating in Romania, Belgium or Poland.
Tunnel Bear or Windscribe are free

if you have problems connecting to the page, use a VPN locating in Romania, Belgium or Poland.
Tunnel Bear or Windscribe are free

Choose PS3838 if you want to bet on Pinnacle.

You can also add the little new PIWI247 who offer betting on Pinnacle + Betfair all on one and the same platform! It therefore combines ORBITX + PS3838. We remind you that the use of Asianconnect is free so it will cost you nothing more to select several bookmakers when registering.

During the registration process you will be asked which bookmakers you wish to bet on. Then Asianconnect take care of opening accounts for you and sending you your identifiers (modifiable later).

Step 2 – Two methods

Method 1: Create a Binance Account for Crypto Transfers (FREE)

Create a Binance account to buy Bitcoin or Usdt.
Asianconnect accepts transfers in cryptos.
transfert argent asianconnect btc usdt

Method 2 – Create a Neteller account for money transfers (FREE)

To transfer your money to Asianconnect you will need to go through an online wallet for this. Asianconnect takes care of linking your online portfolio and your various bookmakers. Personally we have been using Neteller since 2015 without any problem, it is an excellent online wallet with more than 20 years of experience.

Once your Neteller account has been created and validated, here is the procedure to follow :

  • Deposit money on Neteller (10€ minimum)
  • Then transfer this money to your Asianconnect account.
  • In the “funds transfer” tab in Neteller enter the Asianconnect email address for transfers.
  • Once the money has been received by Asianconnect, you will be able to select the bookmaker on which you want to credit this money.

This procedure only takes a few minutes…

Step 3 – About Withdrawals on Asianconnect

For withdrawals, the procedure is reversed.


  • Ask Asianconnect to withdraw the money from your bookmakers and transfer it to your Neteller account.
  • Earnings are credited within 1 to 3 days.
  • Once the money is on Neteller you can withdraw it to your bank account.
  • Neteller charges a fixed commission of €8.50 per withdrawal. It applies to each of your withdrawals, whether it is €20 or €1,000.
  • Avoid withdrawing too frequently and group your withdrawals.

TIP: You can even use the Net+ card from Neteller without having to withdraw from your bank account.

In case of questions Asianconnect has a very responsive chat available h24.

Even if it may seem complex to you, the registration procedure is relatively simple. In ten minutes you can be ready to place your first bets.